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  • IR blaster cable

    IR blaster cable

    Three meter IR blaster cable For the WinTV-HVR-2250 (auxiliary blaster), HD PVR and WinTV-HVR-1950/WinTV-HVR-1955 Part number 6021299 (replaces part numbers 6021233 and 6021280)

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  • A/V Cable Kit – S-Video and composite A/V DIN cable plus 3 meter S-Video cable

    A/V Cable Kit – S-Video and composite A/V DIN cable plus 3 meter S-Video cable

    Composite and S-Video A/V cable (round DIN) with 3 meter S-Video cable Bring video from a composite or S-Video source into your HD PVR Rocket or new model HD PVR 2 With composite video (yellow), S-Video and left/right audio (red/white) connectors (Hauppauge part number 6021252) Includes 3 meter (10 ft) S-Video cable (Hauppauge part number…

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  • S-Video Cable – 3 meter

    S-Video Cable – 3 meter

    S-Video cable for use with Hauppauge analog recorders Can be used with the Hauppauge AV cable for analog video and audio (part number 6021252) Compatible with the HD PVR Rocket, HD PVR 2 and Colossus 2 Part number 6021415

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  • Chat Cable

    Chat Cable

    Chat Cable Add multi-player chat to your HD PVR recordings and streams This multi-purpose splitter allows you to record multi-player chat during capture and live streams from your Xbox One and PS4; and restores audio in your recordings when using a headset! Adds multi-player chat to recordings and video streams made with the Xbox One…

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  • USB Power Supply -dual output

    USB Power Supply -dual output

    USB Power Supply for HD PVR Rocket Universal power supply: North America, Europe, UK and Australia/New Zealand Dual USB power ports: 5v at up to 2.1 amps Designed to power the HD PVR Rocket when used standalone

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  • Audio splitter cable

    Audio splitter cable

    Pink/green audio splitter Converts a 4-pin microphone/headset plug to a two pin microphone and two pin headset connector. This splitter cable is handy if you want to plug a microphone into the HD PVR Pro 60. You would plug the Pink/Green adapter into the ‘headset’ jack on the front of the HD PVR Pro 60,…

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