WinTV-dualHD Dual Tuner TV Receiver for your Plex Media Server


WinTV-dualHD dual USB tuner for your Plex media Server

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WinTV-dualHD Live TV for Cordcutters

WinTV-dualHD for Cordcutters: Two TV receivers in one small USB package!

  • Live free over-the-air TV for Plex. Watch and record local TV programs with Plex. Use your Plex Media Server as the ultimate DVR. WinTV-dualHD for Cordcutters runs with Plex in Linux, Android and Windows. Also for the NVidia Shield with Plex and Android.
  • Includes 90 days of Plex Pass, for live TV on your Plex Media Server
  • Dual tuner: two over-the-air ATSC HD TV tuners so you can watch one TV channel while recording another, or record two programs at the same time
  • Plugs into the USB port on your Plex Media Server, the NVidia Shield or a Windows laptop or desktop PC
  • Status indicator LEDs showing that the tuner is loaded into Windows plus TV signal strength
  • WinTV-dualHD has an improved TV receiver with superior over-the-air TV reception
  • Includes WinTV v10, for TV in a window, full screen and picture-in-picture so you can watch two TV programs at a time. Or have two full TV pictures of any size on your PC screen! Record your digital TV programs in the original digital quality
  • Includes remote control for WinTV v10

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